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tree stump grinding
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Tree Stump Grinding Services

Tree Stump Services

“I would recommend StumpCo to anyone looking for an efficient and capable company for the removal of Tree Stumps”
Paul Hardy

“StumpCo arrived in the morning and by mid afternoon the stump’s had been removed along with all the rubbish cleared from the site, will use again”
John Dweighter

“One tree stump, within 1 hour it was gone and looked as though it had never been there, thanks”
Tony Larkin

Tree Stump Grinding

“We have always believed that the customer comes first and with that, comes an efficient professional tree stump removal service
Wayne Hargreaves

Our Services;

  • Cost effective and efficient way to remove tree stumps. Prices start from £45.00 + VAT
  • Clearance ready for planting, paths, driveways, paving, fencing, walls, building work etc.
  • Any size or quantity of tree stumps removed
  • Quick removal with minimum disturbance
  • We offer tree stump removal services to private gardens, estates, golf courses, parks and building sites
  • References available if required from tree surgeons, landscapers, private individuals and tree contractors.